Oh those wedding day details

It may seem like an uphill battle to figure out how to make your wedding day unique. There are thousands of options for expressing your personalities and love for one another. After years of experience photographing weddings (and having planned one of my own!), I’ve got a few do’s and don’ts for you to consider when figuring out how to plan the details for your wedding day.

Do incorporate details which are meaningful to you into you and your fiancé into your ceremony.
This could be by choosing to walk down the aisle to a unique song, having a beloved family member or friend speak during the ceremony, or even something as simple as having a personalized object to present your wedding rings on.

Don’t waste money on personalizing one-use items like napkins.
Save that money for personalizing other more important objects, like the wedding favors your guests will receive at the end of the ceremony or custom embossing on the front of your wedding album. Or even items which will make your wedding photos unique and which you can continue to use after your wedding.

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Do consider how the flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces reflect the tone of your dress, venue, other decorations and even your own personalities.
Your florist should have great ideas on how to help you achieve this. However, be sure to look through other photographs from previous weddings at your venue and bridal bouquets and centerpieces on a site like Pinterest to help you figure out what you really love.

Do add a personal touch to your accessories.
One way to do this is by purchasing a pair of shoes which are not traditional bridal shoes. Not only do they add a unique touch to your wedding dress or suit, but they can also be worn again after your wedding. And each time you wear them, you’ll be filled with sweet memories of your wedding day.

Do consider arriving in style.
Do you want to make a grand entrance on your big day? One great way to do that is by renting a vintage car or a car which fits the color scheme for your wedding. The car will not only be the icing on the cake for your big arrival, but it will also make an amazing backdrop (or centerpiece!) for your bridal portraits.

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Don’t stress over the tiniest of details.
Of course planning your big day is going to be time-consuming, but it should also be lots of fun. If you tend to overthink small details, ask your soon-to-be spouse to help you keep yourself in check. After all, at the end of the day, your guests are there because they love you and want to help you celebrate this happy occasion in your life.

No matter how you decide to express yourself in the little details you choose for your wedding day, the most important thing is that you and your fiancé enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Because sometimes it may seem like it’s all about the details, but in reality it’s all about the two of you.

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