Why Family Photography?

Family photography is important. It brings back feelings which may have been forgotten. It reminds you of the person your child once was, before he became who he is today. It’s a gateway to the past which tells the story of your family.

As our own precious daughter is about to turn two, my husband and I have been going back through photographs and videos from the first weeks of her life. A video of the moment our son realized he’d become a big brother (such a beautiful mixture of surprise, denial, confusion and happiness). Our daughter’s first gassy smiles. Photographs of the four of us– in those first weeks when our family truly became complete.

These are the moments I live for as a family photographer. Moments which would have otherwise slipped away. Moments which, thanks to photographs, you can hold on to– even as your family changes and grows. Because as we all know, it starts small and it goes by so quickly.

A few photos of our own little family over the past two years:

Are you as excited as I am about documenting this phase in your family’s life?

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